Bob Zinnecker is the author of Acquisition (2011), Sell Out (2013), and
The Investment (May, 2016), Christian fictional novels set in
the telecommunications industry. He has also written
numerous articles and devotionals that have been published
in religious and business media.

Bob is a 55-year veteran of the telecommunications
industry. He spent 33 years with CONTEL Corporation
managing operations in Michigan, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska
and Colorado. In 1983, he came to New York as President of
CONTEL of New York. In 1991, he became President of the
New York State Telecommunications Association in Albany
and remained there until his retirement in 1998. He currently
operates a consulting service providing practical management
assistance for today’s changing world. In June of 2013, Bob
was unanimously elected and inducted into the New York
State Telecommunications Association’s Hall of Fame.

Bob is active in civic, religious and industry organizations. He
is a member of the Board of Directors of Empire Telephone
Corp. and the North Penn Telephone Co. He is Senior
Certified Professional Manager and Charter Member of The
Institute of Certified Professional Managers, and the
Independent Telephone Pioneer Association.  Bob is a mentor for SCORE and frequently
participates in workshops and seminars on the subject of
Business Planning.

Bob has four grown children and eight grandchildren.