Wilson McCann is a high-powered CEO whose personal priorities were severely out of whack. He lost his company, his mother, his dog and the love of his life. Driven to his knees, he found God. Three years later, the nation’s economic deterioration impacts his friends’ livelihood, and the investors in his new company threaten to sell out. A national telecommunications firm vies with an unscrupulous hedge fund operator to acquire McCann’s company, and McCann comes face-to-face with the need to commit totally to his faith and his company – to “sell out” to God and the beautiful woman God has sent to stand beside him. Set against the backdrop of greed-driven corporate espionage, the potential collapse of the nation’s financial system, and misplaced priorities, Sell Out is the compelling story of a man seeking to know what it means to love God with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength.


By Bob Zinnecker

I wrote in the hope that this story about a high-powered
executive’s struggle to make and keep commitments to God,
others and his company would help those who read it answer
the question of what it means to love God with all of one’s
heart, soul, mind and strength.

As an executive and consultant for over fifty five years, I have
struggled and watched others struggle with setting priorities
and keeping commitments. While my own priorities are faith,
family and company in that order, I can honestly say that I
struggle from time to time with keeping them in proper order
and in keeping commitments to God and to others.

In 2008, our country and a large portion of the world entered a
period of severe economic recession. The news accounts
were filled with bad news on an almost daily basis. The
impacts of this recession were felt at a national, state and local
level just as I describe in Sell Out. Many of my friends and
associates began to question what would happen and in some
cases began to ask where God was in all of this.

Two years later, I read and taught a class on John Wesley’s
Plain Account of Christian Perfection. Just as the two leading
characters in “Sell Out” do, I began to ask myself what it
meant to “sell out” to God, to love God with all my heart soul,
mind and strength. I also began to think seriously about
God’s command given through Moses in the book of Leviticus
to “Be holy, because I, the Lord your God, am holy” which was
reaffirmed by Jesus in Matthew when he said, “Be perfect,
therefore as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

The thought processes that the characters in Sell Out go
through are the same as my own. In giving study, prayer, time
and attention these questions, I felt that I grew closer to God.
My new found commitment was severely tested one year later
when a serious medical problem caused me to question where
God was in my life. God dramatically answered my cries to
Him and reaffirmed his love for me and my need to praise him.

It is my hope and prayer that those who read this book will be
challenged and guided to a better understanding of the
importance of setting priorities for their lives and in making
and keeping commitments to God, their family and those with
whom they come in contact.

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